Internal reflections

By going under water we embrace space which is alien to our life and threatens our survival. A space whose physical properties change our perception of reality. Phenomenon in physics known as "total internal reflection" makes the water-to-air surface look like a perfectly silvered mirror, producing hallucinations of mysterious submarine creatures.
Photographer: Julija Goyd

Photographer: Adeline Wohlwend Hair stylist: Meleesa Luna Stylist: Jenni Lee
 Hair & Make-up: Hayley J Farrington Model: Victoria Schons

Photographer: Djeneba Aduayom Hair stylist: Meleesa Luna Stylist: Jenni Lee
Mua, Amy Clarke
Models: Lauren Parquette and Laurel Marsden
Lamu Slenis
Text: Alge Ramanauskiene Photos: Ala Hō Model: Selam Mulatu
Photographer and film director: Franck Bohbot Art director: Alexandra Voicu Copywriter: Arnaud Benetti Stylist: Jenni Lee Make-up: Suna Myles Hair: Stephanie Craig Models: Avery Richardson and Gillian Rae